Lunch & Dinner

[vc_row padding_top=”30″ padding_bottom=”80″][vc_column width=”1/2″][wpc_menu_heading heading=”TABLE SHARES” extract_border=”below”][wpc_menu title=”SHRIMP LOUIE COCKTAIL” desc=”Oregon bay shrimp, poached white prawns, louie sauce, lemon” price=”$14″ menu_image_position=”large_above”][wpc_menu title=”ONION RINGS” desc=”Sweet yellow onions, spicy aioli (vg)” menu_image_position=”large_above”][wpc_menu title=”CLAMS” desc=”White wine, butter, garlic, parsley, lemon and grilled bread” price=”$15″][wpc_menu title=”CEVICHE*” desc=”Daily preparation with Taro chips” price=”$13″][wpc_menu title=”WHITE BEANS ON TOAST” desc=”Seasonal greens, radish, pickled onions, pecorino (vg)” price=”$12″][wpc_menu title=” WINGS” desc=”Classic buffalo or Thai BBQ with your choice of
Bleu Cheese or Ranch” price=” 6/$9, 12/$16, 18/$24″][wpc_menu title=”SALT & PEPPER CALAMARI” desc=”Fresno chilis, leeks, scallions, cilantro, nuóc châm” price=”13.00″][wpc_menu_heading heading=”PIZZA FROM THE HEART(H)” extract_border=”below”][wpc_menu title=”WHITE PIZZA” desc=”Chicken, Quattro fromage, fresh herbs, Mornay sauce and Mama Lil’s Peppers” price=”$17″][wpc_menu title=”TASTE OF SPAIN” desc=”Lamb merguez sausage, roasted potatoes, jalapeños, sheep cheese, red sauce” price=”$18″][wpc_menu title=”MARGHERITA” desc=”Mozzarella, fresh basil leaves, tomato sauce (vg)” price=”$15″][wpc_menu title=”PESTO” desc=”Fresh mozzarella, arugula, pecorino, charred lemons, cured black olives (vg)” price=”$16″][wpc_menu title=”THE CLASSIC” desc=”Pepperoni, mushrooms, black olives, merguez sausage” price=”$17″][wpc_menu_heading heading=”BURGERS, SANDWICHES, WRAPS” extract_border=”below”][vc_column_text]Served with fresh local green salad. Sub soup or fries $2. Add fried egg, bacon, or avocado $2 per item. Gluten free bun or wrap $2.[/vc_column_text][wpc_menu title=”THE GRILLE BURGER” desc=”1⁄2 LB Cascade Natural chuck patty, bacon jam, aioli, caramelized onion, white cheddar, garlic aioli, brioche” price=”$14″][wpc_menu title=”TAVERN BURGER” desc=”1/4 lb. Cascade natural chuck patty, American cheese, shredded lettuce, aioli, pickles, onion” price=”$ 10″][wpc_menu title=”GYRO” desc=”Lamb, swarma, tzatziki, lettuce, tomato, sriracha, fresh pita” price=”$12″][wpc_menu title=”SOUTHERN CHICKEN WRAP” desc=”Grilled chicken, spicy remoulade, lettuce, Mama Lil’s peppers, spinach wrap” price=”$14″][wpc_menu title=”REUBEN SANDWICH” desc=”House corned beef, braised cabbage, whole grain mustard aioli, gruyere, marble rye” price=”$14″][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/2″][wpc_menu_heading heading=”SOUP AND SALAD” extract_border=”below”][wpc_menu title=”SOUP DU JOUR” desc=”” price=”Cup $5 or Bowl $7″][wpc_menu title=”HOUSE SALAD” desc=”Even Pull Farms greens,
champagne vinaigrette, marinated red onions,
radish, sheep’s cheese (vg, gf)” price=”$8″][wpc_menu title=”ROASTED BEETS” desc=”Smoked fish, farm greens, chèvre, local hazelnuts, sherry vinaigrette (gf, pesc)” price=”$13″][wpc_menu title=”CAESAR” desc=”Hearts of romaine, anchovy, lemon, cracked black pepper (add chicken $4, shrimp $6)” price=”$9″][wpc_menu title=”WEDGE” desc=”Seasonal lettuce, bacon lardons, oven dried tomatoes, egg, Mama Lil’s peppers, blue cheese dressing (add chicken $4, shrimp $6, steak $8) (gf)”][wpc_menu title=”STEAK PANZANELLA” desc=”Grilled Cascade Natural hanger steak, toasted bread, cherry tomatoes, fresh herbs, smoked sea salt, oil & vinegar ” price=”$16″][wpc_menu_heading heading=”PLATES” extract_border=”below”][wpc_menu title=”PASTA PRIMAVERA” desc=”Hand-rolled tagliatelle noodles, fresh local vegetables, parmesan, butter (vg)” price=”$18″][wpc_menu title=”FISH & CHIPS” desc=”Alaskan cod, tempura battered, tartar, coleslaw (pesc)” price=”2 pieces $16 / 3 pieces $19″][wpc_menu title=”COQ AU VIN” desc=”Red wine braised Mary’s chicken, whipped potatoes, mushrooms, carrots, fresh herbs, jus” price=”$19″][wpc_menu title=”STEAK FRITES*” desc=”Cascade Natural hanger, béarnaise sauce, duck fat frites” price=”$28″][wpc_menu title=”MARKET FRESH FISH” desc=”Ask your server for today’s preparation and price (pesc)” price=””][vc_column_text]*Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk for foodborne illness.

*Each additional sauce will be $0.25. We have homemade dressings and sauces with local ingredients.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column][/vc_column][/vc_row]